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Painting Contractor Guide


Common Elements of Painting Contractors Websites



You want your clients to have a good perception of your company and having a good painting contractor website is essential. It is where they go to know if your business is legitimate, if you are active, what your style is, and what other people are saying about it. They want to know how professional you are and if you are suitable for the job or not.


Every website is different but there are common and essential aspects that they include. They often follow a similar format in their website design, which is helpful in getting leads. Here are the elements that are common among painting contractors websites.


Make sure that your site has a professional design by hiring an experienced professional. He knows how to tailor your website and its content in relation to your industry and target audience. He should be familiar with what works and what doesn't in your website so he can provide a valuable advice on the features and lead generation techniques that will be most effective for your brand. It can cost you a little more but you will have a site that is more engaging, can attract web traffic, and can acquire new leads.


Provide high quality photos as part of your marketing strategy. Client to know how good you do your work and if they can trust you to produce better results. Painting contractors websites should hire professional photographers to take photos of their favorite projects. Find one who specialized in capturing photos for your industry to ensure that you provide your visitors the best possible presentation of your work.


Search engine optimization or SEO is important so that your website can be easily seen by your potential clients. It will help you to rank well in Google and other search engine sites. Build a painting contractor websitethat contains original and relevant content, and uses keywords that are specific to your target audience. You can hire an internet marketing expert to manage your SEO because it requires time and effort to do the trial and error.


You should include service-specific pages that offer essential information without giving your clients the full feature. Usually, successful and high ranking best painting contractor websitecreate individual pages for each of their services. As a result, more specific and relevant content are provided to both your clients and search engines.


Clear calls to actions (CTAs) on every page are very important. You want to urge your clients to take the next step by providing buttons or banners.  You have to encourage them to 'find out more', 'contact us', 'get an estimate' or anything that will guide them to move on and turn them into a lead. You have to guide them to the right direction so you can draw in more prospects and convert them in to paying customers eventually. Watch for more info about web designs.